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Oxidation Removal

For the Gel-coats that have been neglected for a long time we use different grades of professional cutting compounds depending on the condition of the gel-coat to remove the oxidation and bring back the shine, followed by fine glaze to polish your gel-coat which removes any fine scratches or imperfections and prepares the surface to be sealed. The process is finished with the application of a professional marine grade wax which provides 3 months of protection when properly cared for. 


This service truly brings boat detailing to a whole new level, and ameliorates the future value of your investment.

Wash & Wax

A step above your average boat washing. We use top of the line wash & wax products which take out all the salt water particles remaining and helps remove chalkiness off your boat while protecting the gel-coat. Then we take it a step further and machine polish your vessel with our professional marine wax that provides 3 months of protection. 


Your deck and all of the compartment wells are then completely cleaned of dirt and mildew and left sparkling clean.  All clears are washed using extra soft brush to avoid scratching, for clears that require extra attention perspex protectant & polish is applied to provide superb visibility and best UV protection. All glass gets cleaned to remove any steaks and all stainless steel gets wiped dry to remove any water marks.

Stainless Steel Polishing

Metal polish is used on the stainless steel railings and cleats to remove any rust and stains to make it look like new again.

Teak cleaning

Teak cleaner is used to eliminate continual hours of drudgery, assure additional leisure time, and enhance the beauty of your vessel.

A Teak Cleaner that will not harm marine paints, varnish or hardware, and a Teak Brightener. Both are biodegradable, safe for the environment, work quickly and efficiently.

Interior Cleaning

Interior cleaning includes: vacuuming, carpet steam cleaning, leather and vinyl cleaning, wood polishing and glass cleaning.

Ongoing Regular Boat Maintenance Service

We offer our valued customers regular maintenance service to keep their boats looking great throughout the year, the service includes: 
Wash & Dry (usually every 2 weeks)
Wash, Dry and Wax (usually every 3 months) 
Full Detail (usually every 12 months)

Jetty Fenders

Custom made jetty fenders are designed to protect your boat and make the docking much easier.  

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Jetty Fenders

We are the distributor of ProFender jetty fenders providing our Sydney customers the highest quality SuperFenders available in Australia. 

The SuperFenders are custom-made to fit your jetty, and are design to provide best protection for your boat.

We'll take measurements of your jetty or berth at the Marina, arrange production of fenders, delivery and install the fenders for you.

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