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Our company provides premium quality service in detailing luxury vessels, 
with over 15 years experience.

Our Services Include:


The washing process includes cockpit wash clears and covers all storage compartments get opened and washed, exterior wash gel coat, windows, clears and non skid as well as the hull if required.

Once the boat is washed it get's dried using a chamois including cockpit, windows, clears, gel coat and stainless steel.
All windows and clears are then cleaned with a window cleaner and microfiber cloth.

* Buffing gel coat 

The gel coat buffing process brings the shine back to your boat, as the gel coat gets faded over time our buffing process turns your boat from grey to shiny white again.

We only use the best products available to get the best result, the process includes buffing of the rear cockpit and all external gel coat from the gunnels up as well as the hull if it can be reached from the dock or on a slip,  if the hull is colored it requires 2 step process.

* Machine Polishing

Carnauba Wax is applied with an orbital polisher to give that superior long lasting shine to your boat and it's then polished of by hand with microfiber cloth.

* Stainless Steel Polishing

Autosol metal polish is used on the stainless steel railings and cleats to remove any rust and stains.

* Teak cleaning (2 step process)

Teak cleaner is used to eliminate continual hours of drudgery, assure additional leisure time, and enhance the beauty of your vessel.

A Teak Cleaner that will not harm marine paints, varnish or hardware, and a Teak Brightener. Both are biodegradable, safe for the environment, work quickly and efficiently.

* Engine Cleaning

The engine gets cleaned with a degreaser and water blaster.

* Interior Cleaning

Interior cleaning includes: vacuuming, carpet steam cleaning, leather and vinyl cleaning, wood polishing.

* Anti-fouling

The hull is thoroughly cleaned using high pressure water blaster to clean and remove most organic growth, cleaning of the hull water line, removing scum staining on the hull, priming of the hull.

* Ongoing Regular Boat Maintenance Service

We offer our valued customers regular maintenance service to keep their boats looking great throughout the year, the service includes:
  • Wash & Dry (usually every 2 weeks)
  • Wash, Dry and Wax (usually every 3 months) 
  • Full Detail (usually every 12 months)

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